Monday, January 31, 2011

Boxhead Games


Boxhead Games. This is the first serie Game called hallowen special. The civilians are blue and zombies are white. Get the civilians to follow you and protect them from the zombies. Be careful not to shoot the civilians. Use the radar in the lower left to see what is around you and follow the arrow to the extraction point. You have a time limit, so be fast!.


* Arrow Keys: Move

* Space: Fire weapon

* 1: Equip weapon 1

* 2: Equip weapon 2

* 3: Equip weapon 3

* 4: Equip weapon 4

Boxhead Games

boxhead 24

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im on a quest to test all the boxhead games and choose the winner! this dont have enought action and hard controlling, still its ok!, 5/10


ok i'm gonna look back on this game.....for graphic's, i would say 8/10 for graphics.for gameplay.....i would say 9/10 but it kinda gets boring after a while since you only escort people.for the weapons i would say about 9/10 cause i like the uzi =].and this does have some good i would say about......9/10 overall!.


i know its the original and hes obviously done alot of work to make boxhead the best game ever. but i dont relly like the original. the rest after that are amazing though!.


This series is breathtaking! Yup, I said it, Sean Cooper you have done an amazing job by giving your players what we want. I love the two player version but this version is great too! Enjoy everyone!.


I personally don't like those Boxhead series but this game is okay. It is funnier than the other ones. However, there are too many zombies!.


this game is the best thing ever. the way to get infinite points is too go on the ridge map. the you put up barrels so you block the paths of the zombies on both sides. the you throw grenades over the barrels at the zombies. use the ammo boxes in the middle to replenish your supply. Be careful to not blow up the barrels!.


I love this game the game is very well made and the series has always been great its a fun game to play with high scores and zombies a great combination of action and challenge may the box head series keep on rockin!.